Friday, November 21, 2008

Proposition 8 My thoughts

I have had a chance to let everything sink in. I have seen a lot of footage of the "protesting" and picketing done at our beloved temples. I have watched many videos of people claiming that Mormons HATE. I have allowed myself the time to let my initial feelings pass before I commented publicly. I have read statistics etc...These are my thoughts on the matter for those that care. I do not intend convince anyone that my way of thinking is the correct way, however I naturally do honestly believe it to be so.

1. Obviously, Mormons do not "HATE" as some would lead you to believe. It is completely foolish to argue that point as the track record of the Church in regards to spreading love across the world by means of CHARITY, SERVICE, COMPASSION for the less fortunate, GOOD WORKS by its members, and not to mention the FINANCIAL donations and FOOD SUPPLIES donated all over the world in times of disaster, speaks for itself. Being a temple recommend holder and priesthood holder, never in my interviews with my leaders have I been asked" Are you striving to HATE your fellow man or those that have a different sexual orientation than you? Never have I been trained in teaching the youth in my charge to obtain HATE for homosexuals, neither by my words or nor my actions. I am quite sure in fact that it is against church policy to display or promote HATE of any kind toward any fellow human being.

2. In all the protests I hear "Tax this Church....Tax this Church". I am flabbergasted by this. They are seriously wanting our government to "TAX" a church organization. How many homosexuals, bisexuals, trans-sexuals whatever, have donated money to support their group's "cause"? And all these organizations that have supported the movement to allow marriage to be legalized between members of the same sex....Should they be taxed as well? What they are saying is that all organizations that have a collective opinion and donate money for such cause...should be taxed.? am I hearing this right? This is stupid thinking.You cant TAX a church or non profit organization!!!..who will this help? It will only put more money in the hands of the government for their spending habits, which is a whole new topic that I have strong feelings about. The Tax argument....a non issue for me.

3. Good old fashion "Mormon Persecution" - I don't buy into this. Do I believe that the Mormons have suffered persecution...of course I do, however, I cant think of an organization that hasn't. The Jews, The Gays, The Blacks, The Scottish, The Indians...all have suffered persecution. I don't agree with the practice of persecuting any group. I will not fall into the trap of making others feel like I am being mistreated and that action needs to be taken against it. I will however fight tooth and nail against those who intend to destroy me. I will teach my children to do the same. I will support both physically, and financially, those that will promote my ideals. If this means that I join collectively with the members of my church in supporting the Church in its decisions to donate to certain causes...than so be it. If the Church was donating money towards causes that I disagreed with, I would no longer be a member of that Church. I will endure to the end. I'm sure bad things will come before me sooner or later. I'm sure that this will not be the last time that people will disagree with the views of my church. I'm sure that my children will face adversity in many forms. Here is the difference, we will overcome! I can assure you that My family will not expect sympathy from ANYONE for being who we are or for who we have chosen to be or be a part of. Other organizations have exploited those things and I disagree with that line of thinking.

4. I could sit here and rattle off lines and lines of scripture from both the Bible and Book of Mormon, supporting my views on this subject, but instead I am going to give you my views as they are without supported doctrine, simply for the sake of not wanting to get into a "bible bash" or religious battle. A. I don't believe that GOD the father would be pleased with me if I chose to enter into a homosexual relationship. I believe that marriage IS a matter of religious and spiritual nature and SHOULD be regulated by church officials or those in authority to do so. In my humble opinion, Marriage must be ordained of GOD and should be a ceremony between a man and a woman. I AGREE with the majority, that a marriage between those who are of the same sex, should not be considered a "legal" marriage. Now, as far as our rights as human beings to exorcise our free agency, we have that choice and we have the consequences associated with those choices. I believe in living the laws of the land. I personally choose to live a higher law which is GOD's law, but until one conflicts with the other, I will live both. I vote the way I do because I do not want things that I disagree with being taught to my children in public schools. I will fight for their right to NOT hear these things as being acceptable as they are not acceptable in my mind or the minds of the majority.

These are my feelings on the matter and if you are offended, it is your choice to be so. If you agree with me, continue to stand firm. I am not scared of those who oppose my views. They can choose to protest all they like within their bounds of the laws. If that line is crossed...GOOD LUCK!

Much Love

Big Tom


Marla said...

Amen! I love how you are so honest and upfront with your viewpoints and not afraid to make them known.

Elizabeth said...

Wow Tom, that is quite the dream. Did you ever get David back in it?

Anonymous said...

This is good. I enjoy your writing. Just found your blog by chance