Saturday, December 6, 2008

Choice and talking water

I'm not sure why this topic is on my mind at the moment, but I will write a few points that come to mind before I head to bed. People, since the beginning of this earth, have had issues with responsibility. Adam, when asked why he partook of the forbidden fruit, he answered, "Eve gave it to me" When Eve was asked why she partook of the fruit..she replied "...the serpent beguiled me". Why is it that mankind has such blindness when it comes to recognising where fault truly lies? We all have been guilty of it..I'm no exception for sure. I have come across those that always tend to blame others for the way they are feeling. They feel sad because so and so did this to them..or they feel irritated, because they had to deal with this person today...we've all done it. The fact is...No one has the ability to make you or I feel any way, unless we allow it to happen, therefore the fault is our own. I have had many many discussions with different people who have tried to argue this point with me and I have yet been convinced to the otherwise. I have the choice to be happy or miserable,no matter the circumstances. Yes, I know some have more difficult challenges to overcome than others. Yes, I know that I don't know how others feel nor have I walked in their shoes. However, I do know that the choice is still ours. There are countless stories of those who have faced the most extreme adversities and have had the most outstanding attitude and prevailed. All this being said, this line of thinking has taken me a little sideways as I am about to contradict myself. We are all on this Earth together as brothers and sisters. As children of our father in heaven, we are all connected and essentially one entity. We are all organised intelligence with endless possibilities, where all we lack is knowledge. Because of this, it is important for us to show love and kindness to all our brothers and sisters on this earth. Am I saying that we have the ability to cause another person to feel a certain way....yes and no! We can most definitely influence others for good or bad, but again, they have to allow it to happen. There has to be some crucial importance to the main principle that Christ taught while on this Earth. "As I have loved you, love one another" why is this so important? the answer is simple, The love we show others will bring us closer to oneness. We are not separate from everyone else...this idea is what is essentially killing us. we are luminous beings, not just matter. We feed off of positive energy and we die with negative energy. This sounds completely nuts coming from my mouth I know, but I have felt the need to write it. Back to responsibility...We need to rid ourselves of negative feelings..this is our own responsibility. There is no room in our minds for Anger, Hate, Fear, Self Doubt, Jealousy, Suspicion...only LOVE. Maybe I'm writing this so we all keep this in mind for the Holiday season, I don't know. We all need to focus on forgiveness, service and love. There is room for nothing else. This how we are to be like Christ..plain and simple. I want whoever reads this to know that I am personally going to make the effort, and i encourage them to do the same. I have seen this experiment shown a couple of places..thought I would share it.. Its is an experiment with water. Emoto Masaru conducted the original experiment. He took normal distilled water from the same place and photographed it at the molecular level. he then placed different vials of the water in different places with different labels on them. He also took samples of water from different places. And he even had one placed in a meditation circle with a bunch of praying monks. the labels read.."You make me sick,I want to kill you", I love you" some he exposed to different types of music. when people would read these labels, they would naturally reflect thoughts from the labels. Masaru hypothesised that peoples thoughts would change the molecular structure of the water. here are the photos.
Labeled: Love Appreciation

Exposed to : "Healing Music"
Exposed to: "Heavy Metal Music"

Exposed to : the song "silent night"

Labeled: "Thank You"

From: Mount Cook Glacier, New Zealand

Labeled: "You make me sick, I want to kill you"

Exposed to : Prayer from Buddhist monks

Water from : Kobe Japan after Earthquake

Tap Water from Tokyo

Tap Water from Tokyo after thousands send positive thought to it

Labeled: left - Angel, right - Devil
Apparently, Masaru was correct, that water can be influenced by our thoughts, our words and our actions. Then he concludes..."If our thought can do this to water, imagine what they can do to us. Especially remembering that our bodies are 70% water. As members of the church, we know that the water is also intelligence that obeys its creator. That is how Moses parted the Red Sea. The intelligence was responding to the commands of its creator through Moses. now again this does not eliminate the responsibility of us to determine our own feelings, it does however create more responsibility for us to show love to one another. If all of us focus on our own responsibilities and not the responsibilities of others around us...we will have peace and joy. Think about it folks!.


Janel said...

I remember tht water thing, thats for reminding me though. It is SO astonishing!!! Way cool! I always try to focus on positive vibes to the universe and an environment of love and peace, but I can always do more (especially today ! LOL) Thanks for the reminder :D

Marla said...

Honestly Tom, you are right....really, you are. People can't MAKE us feel a certain dad used to tell me that when I got mad because my mom was "making" me guilty. LOL...anyway, but its really hard to not feel hurt or offended about things sometimes. I wish I could just shrug things off, turn the other cheek and not let things get to me...but I am a human being and have emotions...and events and thoughts trigger emotions. I will try to be better though. :S
P.S. read my blog...I want to know what you think about my little issue!!!!