Friday, January 30, 2009


I see how it is. We leave Arizona and the Cards make the playoffs and go to the Superbowl no less. That figures! I am not gonna lie to you people....I think I have a mild case of the winter blues. I absolutely love it here in Missouri and I am growing quite fond of the new friends and such that i am making here. I do however miss the "what i used to think was cold" winters in Arizona. I can definitely manage it as this is really not that bad, however, when you take the icy streets and the cold wind and the dirty truck ( which everyone knows I hate!) and the chapped lips and the frozen pipes and the muddy floors and the slippery walkways (with bad knees) and the 3 layers of clothes and the non-starting motors...I tell ya kids...It really piles up!. Now I try harder than most, in my opinion, to always keep a positive outlook on things and be the "glass is half full" kind of guy...but when your water freezes and the glass cracks..does it really matter if it was half full or half empty? I am up late tonight with my insomnia, pondering a few things and I want to bring to light a few of these thoughts. I am amazed at the things that I thought were once black and white are now a little grey. I also am surprised about the things that were once grey in my mind, are now black and white. I am looking forward to things that are coming ahead and am very optimistic despite my sarcastic tone. I will take some more pictures and write some more in the near future. I must now get some sleep. Until then ....GO CARDINALS! GO B J PENN! and goodnight!


Elizabeth said...

Man...the Superbowl was SUCH a good game! I think the Cardinal's played VERY well, even though they didn't win...I hope they are able to play well next year as well.

Weston Krogstadt said...

Hey Big Tom. I like your blog. The Cardinals still rule, and so do you.

Big Tom the Great and Magnificent said... BJ Penn lost and so did the cardinals!!!