Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Royals -VS- Yankees

So, one of the perks for me moving to Missouri is as many of you know my love for the Kansas City Royals. We had our first opportunity to go to a royals game. It wasnt the home season opener but it was the second home game against the much hated Yankees. It was a beautifal day to go and wear our blue and whites and support the team. The kids got their faces all painted up ad we were ready to go. We sat on the top row of the highest part of the grandstands as paying for 6 tickets is not cheap. but the kids didnt mind being in the nose bleed section. we ate our hoy dogs and cheered on the big blue and then we went down to check out the festivities around the newly rebuilt park. The stores and the kids play areas were awesome. We got our pictures taken with the statues of Frank White, Dick Howser and of course the man himself..George Howard Brett..the greatest hitter of all time. It was a fun family night and we look forward to many more Royals games this season.

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