Saturday, November 1, 2008

How do you like them apples?

On occasion, I get a sort of therapy out of writing on my blog or in my personal journal. I have sort of combined the 2 however I do have one for personal use only as well. The thoughts expressed here on this blog are more general and have been edited somewhat in order to protect those that are more sensitive. I am very thankful at this time for the things which I have been blessed with. I wish to talk a little more about this coming election as I have had the opportunity to live in a "swing State" for the past few months. To be has been quite refreshing to live outside Arizona, where everyone is just hardcore republican..just because everyone else is, I am refreshed to see a more diverse population here in the Midwest, however I see many many black people that are voting for Obama just because he is black. People are so ignorant it is silly.I am not Republican and I am definitely not Democrat. Republican politicians have lost touch in what being "Conservative" means. and Democrats...well, they are just insane! If I must put label on myself it would be "Conservative Libertarian". I believe in the constitution. I believe it was inspired by God. Our modern day Prophets have told us to uphold the Constitution. They have told us to be aware of the dangers of those who wish to strip us of our freedoms. This is not an effort to express my opinion or get into a discussion about who to vote for..I have been over that previously and it is irrelevant. This is a plea to anyone who reads this to wake up and stand up for your constitutional rights and protect them. We have the right to bear arms..Why? We have the freedom of religion..Why? We have the right to own property...again..Why? The freedom of speech...Why....we have every one of these rights because our founding fathers knew that if we didn't have these things...our government would be able to enslave us. I encourage all to buy guns and ammo while we still can...prices are through the roof in anticipation of Obama getting into property...speak out on your beliefs...before we know it, there will be penalties for displaying discontent with our longer will we be allowed to have sufficient firearms enough to overthrow a government if needed and religious freedoms will controlled by those who want you to believe as they do. Already we are faced with legislation that would prohibit any religion from not accepting same sex marriages. Be aware of these things.

On a lighter note. things are going good here in Missouri. Our family is pretty much adjusted. I am getting used to the cold weather and I bought my first pair of heavy duty cover-alls for the winter. The other morning I was out working and I was literally stung by the cold air going through my clothes. I really am an Arizona Boy. I have an interesting story to tell as I attended my kids' parent/teacher conference this last week. All the kids are doing well and learning the new system. Brett however is our "dreamer" that doesn't finish his work on time and is hard to keep on task. His teacher told us of a story that they were supposed to write about. She told them to pretend that they were each given a big basket of apples and they were to write about what they would do with the apples. Most kids wanted to make apple pie or apple turnovers or candied apples etc..Brett however..he wanted just to keep his basket of apples. His teacher thought this was because he just didn't want to write about anything, which may have been the case. I thought to myself..I would do the same thing...why ruin a nice basket of apples. It is just a hassle to make pies and such when one could just sit and enjoy his or her nice fresh apples. I sided with Brett on this particular issue but we will be working with him and figure out ways to keep him on task.

How do you like them apples????

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EmilyLemily said...

I was just like Brett...I wouldn't get my work done, but I can't remember what finally got me getting stuff in on time. Oh well...I got there at some point. I think it is definitely helpful when the teachers and parents get really involved with the kid so he/she feels like they care about him/her.

I really like what Brett said about the apples...I would do the same thing! I don't know how to fix apples into anything...I like to just eat them. :)