Friday, October 31, 2008

Who knew ladybugs bite???

So Im sitting in the bobcat at the yard as Wylson, my cousin's son, is loading up the bucket, when all of a sudden I feel a sting on my neck. I slapped the back of my neck and I see the critter fall down the front of my shirt onto the floor of the bobcat. I leaned over and picked it up...and to my suprise..A LADYBUG! I grew up around ladybugs and have had them crawl on me before...never have I been bitten by one. wasnt like a bee sting or anything..but it gave a little sting and I definately would not enjoy getting bit by one again, but it is just crazy to me that those little things actually bite. I will never be nice to a ladybug again..Im sorry. That is all!

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Anonymous said...

*Asian* ladybugs bite... the native ones do not. Unfortunately, the asian ones are taking over.