Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Election

I am sitting here in my new home in Missouri, enjoying the cool 75 degree weather, the leaves turning yellow, the occasional thunderstorm etc... I ponder a few things as I sit here. I watched the Vice Presidential and Presidential debates and I of course, being the opinionated individual I am, have my interpretation of things to come. I am very impressed with the mind of whomever decided to put that woman in as running mate to John McCain. PURE GENIUS!!!! As intelligent as I think I am, I would have never thought of this tactic. HOWEVER, I will not be sucked into this as most republicans have been! Listen...Our society as we know it is FAILING!!!! Why is this???Plain and simple.......Men are not acting like men...and woman are not acting like women. I know there are many of you...even in my family that have disagreements with me regarding this subject, but the facts are the facts. Crime is high (rape, murder, theft, assault etc..), Grade averages are dropping at alarming rates each year nationally, teen pregnancy is climbing, homosexuality is becomming more and more common and "normal", boys are dressing like girls and girls like boys, "unisex" or metrosexual" is a common term for modern clothing. I can go on and on and on...We have to ask ourselves...WHY??? The answer is simply this...There are fewer mothers left in the home. Did we not think that there would be consequences to this line of behavior? Our society makes it easier for a woman to get divorced and be a single mom, rather than work things out with her husband. Now..I know there are circumstances that justify a divorce and a woman woking to provide for her family...Im not talking about those situations. Im talking about plain old common selfishness that causes a family to want more worldly things and to cause divorces which ultimately snatches the mom right out of the home and into the work force. I have a few points to make about this,,,again...not talking about the acceptions here...just generality. 1. Women are not equal to men....never have been, never will be. If God had created us equal, Men would be more sensative, Woman would be bigger and stronger with broad shoulders. Men were created to work and provide and Women were created to nurture and teach children, and together, it is Yen and Yang, peanut butter and jelly, the perfect match.

2. This world we live in can be mean, cold and harsh. It will chew you up and spit you out if you are not careful. This is no place for our heavenly father's daughters. They are to be kept safe and sheltered from the evils of the world and protected by the man who was designed to do so.

In conclusion to these thoughts, I CANNOT support a Vice President who wishes to set the example to the world that Americans no longer adhere to the traditional values that have kept our nation strong for all these years. This is the root of our problem folks. Sure, there are good and bad points for both sides of the presidential ticket. dont even get me started on Obama. I will put it to you straight like this. McCain is wolf in sheep's clothing and Obama is a wolf in Wolves clothing. They are both wolves and they are both dangerous to our nation. Prepare accordingly. Im not voting for either! There is no lesser of 2 evils here...ther is only evil!

vote Big Tom Van Vleet for president.because..on one hand we must vote because it is American...on the other hand...our votes dont vote for me!

Im seriously gonna write myself in on the ballot


Janel said...

I agree, the roles have become all intertwined and fuzzy now and people have lost sight of what the real purpose in life is, it's all about getting ahead no matter what. I think the word that has makes it more confusing is the word "equal". When people hear that word its like one role is better thant he other, and from the outside, it may seem like one is better than the other. In reality, the womans role is more important, but the mans role is essential as well, so it complements each other. I'm a staunch traditionalist, and I still feel the pressure and the feeling that society puts out that I'm "less than" or like a moocher or something because I don't earn a living. It's really difficult.

If Obama wins, I think I might start crying!!!!

Kayla said...

I agree with you, except when it comes to not voting, or writing someone in. It gives Obama better odds and I can't understand why people would want to do that when they clearly do not want him in office. As sad as it may seem, I do agree with voting for the lesser evil (or at least who you feel is the lesser). I hate politics (I used to love it until I realized just how corrupt it is), but I do not believe in giving up and I fully believe in following inspiration or as some may call it their gut feeling. Sometimes reading into things too much is dangerous (it leaves room for doubt) and it is much safer to ponder or pray and follow the first feeling you get. I don't like either candidate, but I know without a doubt the feeling I had on who I should pick. If so many people decide just not to choose one because they didn't like either, then we are throwing our lives into the hands of men/women determined to change the world. Not change for the better, but change that will force people to accept their poor decisions and worse, making sure our children are taught these decisions are okay and even right. I don't want God and patriotism to disappear from the majority of this world. so therefore, I will vote for who I have a clear feeling is the lesser evil.

Big Tom the Great and Magnificent said...

Kayla..I honestly love and appreciate how women..(even more than men) can be in tune with the spirit and will never dispute that fact. There is definately some validity to your views in that respect. However..I want it known that I am not "giving up" on our government by choosing to vote for myself or write in someone other than the main candidates. I will put it like this. Our right to vote as Americans is a right we should fight for and protect with all our power to do so, however we must also keep in mind that the outcome is not the issue here. I can sleep at night knowing that I vote for the best possible person for the job in MY MIND. Wheather one or the other of the 2 major candidates is elected...I voted for whom I thought should be elected. Electoral votes ultimately determine the outcome anyway so essentially our votes dont really matter. The electoral college is pretty much set. McCain...Obama..If obama gets elected...we are that much closer to the second coming of Christ which I welcome. I will have excercised my right to vote and upheld the constitution to the best of my ability...I will have had a clear conscience on who i voted for. What if someone votes for MCCain for the sole purpose of preventing Obama from winning and then McCain brings the world to distruction. would that person be to blame to some degree for supporting the man who brought destruction? I say if they truly believed in McCain..No..but If they believed McCain to be "Lesser of 2 evils" STILL EVIL...yet still supported him...then there is a degree of responsibility on that voter wouldnt you say? Either way destruction will come sooner or later...Im voting with a clear conscience and not supporting in any fashion...anyone that I believe to be evil...lesser or greater

Marla said... moved to Missouri?! I must be hiding in a huge hole!!!! Like the blog..agree with some, not all...there are just too many things I'm questioning these days so I need to figure out where I stand before I can make a decent comment. Hope you are doing well!

Kent said...

I appreciate all your views. There is a lesson to be learned here. We all waited till too late to get involved and maybe next time we will do better. We can't go back now, but we can learn from our mistakes. There were certainly better candidates running for the office prior to this point. Where were we then. We need to stop complaining and make sure that our representatives suport our views. There are more issues on the table than the presidency.

I think that after Obama or McCain is elected and serves for four years, we can make a difference in the next election. We have four years to do just that.