Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am calling myself a tornado survivor

Well, I flew back to Arizona after surviving my first tornado. Here's the deal...After not making my stand-by flight due to many travelers getting out of Kansas City, I decided to buy a ticket and who cares about the cost. I vowed at one point in my life to never fly stand-by, just because I didn't like the idea of sitting at the airport, waiting for a possible flight. I need to KNOW that I will be leaving for sure or else I don't want to go to the airport and wait...and wait...and wait. But I went against my better judgement and took a stand-by ticket from a very nice and willing neighbor in Casa Grande. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but trying to save a few bucks isn't always the best option. Anyway...after buying a last minute ticket, I'm sitting on my plane and they just signaled us to leave the gate, We were all of a sudden instructed to evacuate the plane as a tornado had just touched down at the airport. I thought is was a joke of course. So they herded us all out the plane...down the hall and into the tunnels of the parking garage. I started thinking to myself as the entire KC airport was shut down...."This is going to be huge mess to get all these scattered passengers back through security, to their proper flights and onto their planes, especially since some of those dummies left their ID on the planes". I was amazed at how fast they got us all back into motion after the threat for a tornado had passed. So I consider my self officially...A TORNADO SURVIVOR. I never saw it or anything..but I was there and I survived. Come to think of it..I'm a Katrina and 9/11 survivor too. So I made it back to AZ to pick up my family. We drove for 2 days with a moving truck and a trailer. It was an experience as Alice was a nervous wreck as she pulled that 12' trailer from AZ to Missouri. So....we are now 90% settled in our home here in Blue Springs, Mo. We ended up with a different house than described before. It is a better home with closer proximity to John and his family. Our kids are having a blast with each other. Blah Blah Blah...I'm bored with writing about that. I'm gonna ramble a little. The weather is awesome...The Royals have won 11 of 13 of their last games which puts them in......ta da...2nd to last in their division...why try at this point?....Chiefs are 0-3....uh...I have lots of work to do tomorrow but I cant sleep. After packing and unpacking all of your find things you haven't seen in a long time. I am very concerned with the value of the dollar as it is plummeting. The government wants to slap a band-aid on the wound by "bailing out" these mortgage companies...Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac....We have to pay billions for this as taxpayers...this will only devalue the dollar. Lets just keep printing money I guess. Obama and McCain are puppets and I am not voting for either. I'm voting for myself this year. It is nice that I can wear my winter clothes longer and more often now that I am in Missouri. I am delirious right now. Thank you to everyone who helped me pack my know who you are. MArk...Dad....Dan T...My Neighbors...Barron....Some Elders....My new ward seems like it will be nice...I am looking forward to some Football on my high definition Television this weekend as I have been without my own TV for almost 2 months. I LOOOOOOVE my shower. I am having dreams of breaking apart trailers..should that be a concern?....hahahaha..thought of something funny. I'm going to force myself to sleep...I will be more coherent and maybe have some pictures on my next post...seriously least my office is set up and I can check up on all you fine folks.


Misty said... you really need to go on should apply. Glad you made it safe and sound. Ok, maybe you should do The Amazing Race with Greg...hmmmm

Steph said...

Thanks for the update...finally! Glad you made it safe! I had to laugh picturing poor Alice pulling the trailer that far, she is a super hero!