Friday, September 5, 2008

Looking at houses

I have found a house on the border of Kansas City, Mo and Independence, Mo that I am intersted in. It is 3000 sf. 3 bd 2.5 bath. It has a HUGE master suite with whirlpool tub. It has a basement living room that I am thinking about making into the boys room. How cool would it be to have a huge living room as a bed room? All three boys could share and have their toys and it would free up the rooms upstairs for Monique and my office. It has a Living and Family room upstairs. Huge beautiful backyard that my kids would love. It is my top choice so far. The best part is that it is less than 2 miles from the Kansas City Royals and chiefs stadiums. I am so excited to be able to sport the blue and white with some pride as I will be away from all the Dbacks fans and their smug winning team. I will have a softspot in my heart for the dbacks still, but In the American League...Royal Blue Baby!!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

lol, perhaps...but yes, Brigham was a good and quite intelligent man.

That's so cool ya'll are moving out there, I can't wait to come and visit!

lissa said...

I think the kids will love it, how big is the lot? Is it more city or country? Either way at least your little ones will have fresh air instead of this dirty dusty desert air. Good luck! :)