Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tribute to the new President Hussein

So we have a new quote un-quote "leader". I am worried about him trying to take our guns away. I am worried about him appointing those that don't have America's interest in heart to offices of power. I am worried about his plans to devalue the US dollar in order to instate the new currency of the AMERO, bringing us closer to a global government. I don't like the fact that he does not believe in God or Jesus Christ. I don't like the fact that he is registered as a MUSLIM. I hate that he was quoted saying "the Constitution is flawed" and "It is just a pice of paper". I can't stand Michelle Obama Hussein in the slightest. It disgusts me that he wont put his hand over is heart during the star spangled banner and wont say the pledge of allegiance. I am fear full of his intentions of stripping away our civil rights. I am very concerned with his economic strategy. But, as I have said before, this is the test to many of us. This is the time when we will have to endure to the end. Our faith will be tested. Our children will face more adversity than we could imagine. Nations are going to seek to destroy us. It is time to be stronger than ever in teaching your children correct principles. We must take the rights we still have as free citizens and exercise them to the fullest. This election was no surprise for me. It was prophecy that we would have a leader of foreign descent that would come into power and confuse and beguile our nation. Why are some of us surprised? Long ago since the times of President Jackson even, we as Americans have been allowing our rights to be slowly stripped from us. We have allowed the views of our society influence our thinking and The family unit at its core has suffered. Although I fear these things and have concern, I will stand courageous with my family and make it known that we stand firm with our faith in God and our Prophets. No one..including our new President...can strip us of that! There will be "change" alright, but not the change people were hoping for. Many fools will come to realize that they have supported someone who is deceiving them. My view will not change. This is not a battle of RACE, although the blacks have made it so. Here is the proof. 93% of blacks voted for Obama. 36% of those that voted, have never voted in another election...why now? I don't was inevitable, but never again will I lend a shred of sympathy when a black person tries to play the race card with me. As far as the civil rights movement, one thing was proven on November 4th. We as a nation took a couple steps back in our progression to becoming a Nation of equality.


Janel said...

I literally went out today and got 75% of my 3 month supply of food. I'll have the rest in about a month. Strengthening my preparedness and my family in the gospel are the only defenses I have left and I'm going full force.

Kayla said...

Couldn't have said it better myself =)