Monday, July 26, 2010

MLB Frustration!

Well, where to begin???? For some whatever reasons...I have always seemed to pick the WORST teams to call 'MY TEAMS" This year has been brutal for me! The Kansas City
Royals (my American League team) is 1 game out of last place..and the Diamondbacks ( my National League Team) is 25 games away from first place...I am ready to cut my losses and put this MLB season behind me and look to the near future as Football Season starts very soon. Although I am optimistic about the Arizona Cardinals this year, the "REALIST" in me is preparing for the worst. I hope the Cardinals dont disappoint in 2010 because I have been known to "cut my losses" half way through football season as well. As painfull as it is, I will NOT EVER root for the Yankees or any other team in baseball, nor will I care for anyone other than the RED BIRDS on the football field! GO CARDS!!! No pressure!

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Elizabeth said...

I will NEVER root for the Yankees! EVER...I met a missionary here who is a HUGE Yankee fan...oh, we had it out...