Monday, July 26, 2010

I have a son in Jr High School !!!!!!

So the kids went off to school today to kick off the new year once again. I had the opportunity to go with Tommy Jr to Willis Jr High School, where I attended 7th grade. He is now in 7th grade himself. How the time flies! It was quite something to see all the changes at the school. What was once dirt and faded grass is now concrete walkways and artificial turf. I hardly recognized the place to tell you the truth. The locker cages are all gone, and the school colors have changed from brown and blue and white. I hope Tommy has an awesome experience in Jr high like I had. He has been given his fatherly instructions to play as many sports as he can and get involved with all the student activities available to him in order to make alot of friends.

My youngest son David is growing up very fast as well. He keeps us all on our toes with his clever remarks and his witty comments. He is so much like his Dad its silly.

I have really enjoyed being back in Arizona and Chandler where I grew up. Arizona is the place for us and I love that HEAT babay!

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Tashi said...

hay...i so had to comment on this. I know how you feel cuz. My daughter started 7th last year, in the same school i went too. This year i have two there. It's nuts to think our kids are back where we were.

hope he has a great time this year. Big hugs to the family! Love you all!