Monday, October 12, 2009

"Comatose" by Skillet (its the song playing)

I hate feeling like this
I'm so tired of trying to fight this
I'm asleep and all I dream of
Is waking to you
Tell me that you will listen
Your touch is what I'm missing
And the more I hide I realize
I'm slowly losing you
I'll never wake up without an overdose
of you [Chorus:]
I don't wanna live I don't wanna breathe
'les I feel you next to me
you take the pain I feel
waking up to you never felt so real
I don't wanna sleep
I don't wanna dream
'cause my dreams don't comfort me
The way you make me feel
Waking up to you never felt so real
I hate living without you
Dead wrong to ever doubt you
But my demons lay in waiting
Tempting me away
Oh how I adore you
Oh how I thirst for you
Oh how I need you [Bridge:]
Breathing life
Waking up
My eyes Open up
Don't leave me alone


Elizabeth said...

Did you write that???

Big Tom the Great and Magnificent said...

Nope..its a song by Skillet..and its playing on my profile

Elizabeth said...

Got it...