Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have been pondering many things lately. I have been really thinking about what it means to be someones friend. We had a lesson this week during church that was geared toward Joseph Smith and what his friends meant to him and what he meant to his friends. Out of all his close friends, few remained true to him...including Heber C Kimball, Brigham Young and Willard Richards. Willard Richards who was one of Joseph's closest friends said to him that if they were going to hang Joseph, that he (W. Richards) would be hung in his stead. Now the big question was proposed...."Would you be hung for any of your friends?...or..would any of them be hung for you?" The answer is this...for me at least...I have several friends that I would be hung for and i believe at least half of them would be hung for me. Now obviously I would take a bullet for most anyone in a situation where a quick decision and action was required. But to make a pre meditated decision to actually be hung for someone...this is a whole new ball game. Now, I believe there are those that don't value their own lives, due to unhappiness and what not, that would maybe do it for someone simply because they don't care...but in general, most people value their lives and I believe would be very reluctant to have a hangman's noose wrapped around their neck and hung for everyone to see, just to spare the life of a friend. Like I said...I have a few that i would gladly do it for and maybe half would do it for me....I want my close friends to know that I appreciate everything they do for me and they know who they are. I love them like brothers. We should remember who are friends are and continue to strengthen one another and build that bond...I cherish my friendships and am thankful for my friends. I know Joseph Smith was the prophet of God and that he had important things to accomplish here on this Earth...But I know his close friends were willing to protect him with their lives because he was such a good friend.

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Tashi said...

This really made me stop and think. Beautifuly written Tom. And very inspirational, i truly want to be that kind of friend.